Simple Ways To Turn Your Garden Into A Moneymaker

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Indigenous plants make the ideal home for the honeypot

A garden that’s lush and wild with indigenous plants will undoubtedly have a fan following. Bees are welcome guests in any garden and it’s not just due to the deliciously thick and sticky honey they produce, but also their ability to pollinate. Those with the right type of garden can either get into the beekeeping business themselves and sell some organic honey, or they can rent out a portion of their garden to established beekeepers.

Boost up your property’s curb appeal

It’s not unusual to come across figures that estimate a 100% to 1,000% return on investment when it comes to landscaping. However, this return is not guaranteed as there are a few factors to consider, such as the style of the property and how the property integrates with the rest of the neighborhood. Homeowners would need to do some research into the ideal landscaping for their project before dipping into the property’s equity or their savings to fund the project.

Why a coop is the new garden must-have

One of the best garden conversions anyone can take on is to turn it into a chicken-friendly haven. Not only is the chicken coop ideal for households who wish to save on purchasing organic chickens and their eggs, but for those who put in a little extra, there is the opportunity to earn an extra income. Proceeds from the sales can then be used to expand the operations into other livestock. For households, this could mean an additional meat or dairy product that they wouldn’t have to buy from the store or a product they could sell or trade for what they need.

The right garden setup is not only a sustainable way to keep food on the table, but can also be a solid cash cow for those who manage it well. By thinking outside the box, households can generate an additional income for their properties.

Last update: Oct 23, 2018


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