Which red is best?

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There are 9,800 known and classified tomato varieties. Tomatoes have proven more popular than apples, grapes and oranges. Those who suffer from reflux or sensitive stomachs may find relief from Cherry Tomato, Beefsteak, Moneymaker, Il Grande, Big Beef and Big Bite. If you prefer the saucing variety try Roma, Amish Paste and San Marzano.

You can pickle, roast, boil, sauce, paste, dry and juice these fantastic red beauties. In a fry pan add a couple of diced tomatoes and one onion, add two tablespoons of light olive oil, add a pinch of oregano and basil. Boil the ingredients and add to pasta. Sensational. As your tomato plants develop, remember to pinch out some of the lateral growth. This will not only help to increase the yield but will also reduce the risk of virus and insect attack. If you’re growing them on a trellis like you do with beans, just thread the new growth through the climbing frame. If you have trained them onto stakes, attach the side-shoots to the next stake to make a wall of fruitful 

tomato plants.

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