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Absorbacide is an organic insect dust, consisting mainly of amorphous silica. It is effective against all kinds of insects on poultry, birds, dogs, cats, horses, vegetables, etc. It is chemical free, environmentally friendly and is no harm to nature. Absorbacide kills insects by drying up their waxy fluids, thus causing death by dehydration. It has been approved by the BFA (Biological Farmers of Australia) as an allowable input for insect control.

Gardening Presentations

Book lunch for 40 people at Vasili's Cafe and receive a FREE garden presentation.

For bookings and further information please call us on 1300627374 or email [email protected]

From the Garden to the Kitchen

Listen to Vasili every Tuesday at 2:05pm on 3AW - 693 with Denis Walter talking gardening and cooking.

Each week Vasili brings in a new dish for Denis to taste that’s been prepared by his mother Eleni and as always Denis is left dribbling on air while Vasili helps to solve the listener’s gardening problems with methods and solutions that are traditional and organic.

Every Tuesday 2:05pm 3AW Radio 3AW


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