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Healthy Habits 2 : Blend Until Smooth

Healthy Habits 2: Blend Until Smooth is the sequel to Eleni's first book, Healthy Habits SmoothiesWith 25 new smoothie recipes all in once place, you can recreate the delicous combinations Eleni has made on 7TWO's Vasili's Garden series. Packed full of nutritional information, Healthy Habits 2: Blend Until Smooth is sure to become a permanent fixture in your kitchen.


EDIBLE GARDENS: A Practical Guide

Craig Castree has often been on Vasili's Garden to Kitchen show teaching  you how to graft and care for fruit trees. Now Craig is set to release his first book, Edible Gardens: A Practical Guide

In Edible Gardens: A Practical Guide, you'll learn why you should steer away from the traditional vegetable garden modelled on a market garden with its rows of plants which encourgages pests and diseases, and why you should be growing an edible garden, using the principles of companion planting for a more productive and healthier garden.

With plenty of tips on growing vegetables, fruit and herbs, as well as information on how to care for your garden the organic way, Edible Gardens:  A Practical Guide by Craig Castree will make you re-think the way you grow your own food.

As Craig says, if you're not not growing your own food, you're letting someone else decide what goes in your mouth!


101 ways to grow it and eat it Book

Vasili's 101 ways to grow it and eat it is packed full of great gardening advice that everyone can enjoy and practice. In this book you will find a simple but traditional and practical approach to solving many of today's common gardening problems whilst keeping as true to the organic way as possible. After all, isn't that what we all really want? A healthy and sustainable lifestyle! This is a book that is simple and easy to read, with an A to Z guide covering a wide range of productive plants, and solutions to pests and diseases too. From apple trees to zucchinis this is Vasili's little book of gardening tips every gardener must read!


From the Garden to the kitchen Book

Having the knack of presenting gardening tips in a fun and informative manner, Vasili's book 'From the Garden to the Kitchen' Mediterranean style combines his famous garden tips with ever popular food recipes.

Not only do you get fantastic healthy and delicious food recipes to follow, this book provides you with the information to grow the key ingredients successfully in your own backyard.

Full colour throughout with some amazing photographs, Vasili's – from the garden to the kitchen Mediterranean style is sure to become a must have in your home library.



Fruit & Vegetables as Medicine 

As seen on Vasili's Garden to Kitchen Show!

Sandi Rogers is a quilifed Naturopath, Herbalist and Reflexologist. She draws on her experience of running two clinics in Melbounre, Victoria, as well as being Director of the National College of Traditional Medicine, a respected interstate and international lecturer, past President of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society and published author, to deliver this dynamic, exciting new book - "Fruit & Vegetables as Medicine".


Healthy Habits Smoothies

Now you too will be able to make all of Eleni's favourite Healthy Smoothies as seen on TV. Learn about the health benefits of each smoothie and be amazed just how good they taste too!


Instantly identify dangerous food additives and cosmetics ingredients with ease.

The Chemical Maze book was written to make it simpler and easier to recognize food additives and cosmetic ingredients having the potential to cause discomfort and ill-health. With this recognition comes freedom of choice and for many a new lease on life.

  • All you need to identify the Food Additives or Cosmetic Ingredients that can cause issues
  • Share discovered information with your friends and families
  • Search for food additives by name or INS Number

The ultimate Food Additives and Cosmetic Ingredients guide at your fingertips. Feature rich and full of essential information.



The Chemical Maze Bookshelf Companion

Designed as a home reference guide to the chemicals in processed foods as food additives and the ingredients in personal care and cosmetic products.

The Bookshelf Companion also includes a bonus section on household products from air fresheners to window cleaners, highlighting the toxic chemicals used in commercial brands and provides information on safer alternatives.

  • All the information you need to identify the Food Additives or Cosmetic Ingredients that can cause health concerns.
  • Share discovered information with your friends and families
  • Bonus section on household products from air fresheners to window cleaners




The Original SBS Series DVD

Vasili's Garden began on Greek radio 3XY in Melbourne around the turn of the millenium and it wasn't long before it found its way to community television on C31 in Melbourne, where it became a firm fixture.

After nearly 200 episodes, many of which have also been shown on other community TV channels around Australia, Vasili made one special series for SBS - it was one of the highest rated shows on the network and won him a legion of gardening fans!

Revisit the wildly popular SBS gardening series and learn how to preserve your own tomatoes, olives and lots more.

Learn how to make some great traditional dishes with Vasili's Mama in the kitchen too and let's not forget the crazy and wacky gardeners that he visits as well!

2 Disc set with 10 Episodes


Ch31 Garden Classics DVD

The original and the best gardening show! Vasili's Garden is the beloved community television show that explores the secret world of migrant Australia. Our award-winning host enters people's lives via the garden gate, exploring their gardening obsessions and culinary delights.

With a warm and heartfelt presence, Vasili Kanidiadis quickly establishes a cheerful rapport with both the gardener and the viewer. Conversant in a number of European languages, he summarises or interprets for his guests, enlightening the viewer to aspects of his guest's cultural heritage and sharing the horticultural traditions with the viewer.

Playful but respectful, Vasili's Garden has captured a fast-disappearing generation of DIY gardening enthusiasts. Enjoy the highlights from the Channel 31 series, before Vasili's Garden

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