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Vasili's left the garden centre in Coburg

Vasili's left the Garden Centre in Coburg

Yiassas folks. 

There are many questions being asked about my current involvement with the garden centre in Coburg. As many of you would know, my family and I built that store from scratch, all be it on a small parcel of land, it was not only my family home, it was also the Home of Vasili's Garden for 30 years. But up until recently, like everything in life that comes to an end, unfortunately so has our time there.

I want to clear the confusion for the many of you who have asked me the question as to what my current involvement/connection is with that store. The answer is, I have absolutely no connection whatsoever anymore.

Please understand that I am no longer the owner or have any commercial interest with that business in Coburg. Any license that permitted the current owners to trade under my brand name Vasili's Garden & Cafe has since expired and therefore the name will have to change both as a retail store as well as any online marketing, social pages, and website that is currently utilizing my brand name to promote their business. 

In saying this, I trust you will still support the garden centre in Coburg even though it continues to trade under my brand without my legal consent. And please continue to support all other independent garden centres that are near and around you, especially during these difficult times. 

Vasili's Garden as a physical garden centre store has ended but Vasili's Garden as a brand is growing stronger than ever. Our product range is available on our website but more importantly, it is available at all participating garden centres and hardware stores across Australia. So you will no longer find us in only a single store but rather in many, as well as online at our official website:

Check out our new series on 7Two television, plus our short entertaining videos with informative and up to date content through our YouTube channel, social pages and our website which we hope you will all enjoy.

Please follow all these pages so we can support you in return by providing great entertaining content.

My team and I are here to help and support you in any way possible with all your gardening needs and advice.

Stay safe and keep gardening the natural way.

Real people, real gardens, real food.



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