Backyard Buddies

Backyard Buddies


How would you like to make the future brighter and greener for young gardeners? Here at Vasili’s Garden we’re a small business with a big public profile and that means we get more requests from donations from schools than we can keep up with. And we hate to say no!


Help us to help schools build their school vegetable gardens by purchasing a donations voucher now, or purchase one of Vasili’s books to donate to schools for their fundraisers! Vasili will even autograph each copy. You can even nominate your local school to receive a copy to include in their school libraries.


School garden donation vouchers:







School fundraiser book donations:

Vasili’s 101 Ways to Grow It and Eat it

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Luke (Ladybeetle)
Luke is a type of ladybeetle (Chilocorus circumdatus) that feeds on a range of hard (armoured) sc..
Linda (Ladybeetle)
Linda is an ladybeetle (but without the spots!) that feeds on mealy bugs. Delivered as approximat..
Pete (Predatory Mite)
Pete is a predatory mite (Phytoseiulus persimilis) which has been used for many years as a natura..
Gracey (Green Lacewing)
Gracey is a green lacewing (Mallada signata) native to Australia.  Adults feed on pollen and..
Backyard Buddies Bed & Breakfast Seed Mix
The Bed & Breakfast seed mix is a combination of perennial and annual flowering plants select..
Root Feeder
Gardena's Root Feeder supplies deeper-lying roots with the required water without waste. Able..
The Garden Guardians by Jane Davenport
Now in its 4th edition, The Garden Guardians is a fascinating book containing information on pest..
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