• Fruit & Vegetable as Medicine

Fruit & Vegetable as Medicine

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Sandi Rogers is a qualified Naturopath, Herbalist and Reflexologist. She draws on her experience of running two clinics in Melbourne, Victoria, being Director of the National College of Traditional Medicine, respected interstate and international lecturer, past President of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society and published author, to deliver this dynamic, exciting new book - "Fruit & Vegetables as Medicine.
Since my first printing of Fruit and Vegetables as Medicine literally thousands of consumers have used the information to assist with their wellbeing recovery. The healing benefits associated with these foods are astounding and impress people with just how good they feel when they start using Fruit and Vegetables as Medicines.
There is more healing in a fruit and vegetable store than there is in any pharmacy or dispensary, including my own herbal dispensary. In this updated and expanded edition juices and smoothies have been added. Often people try to put in too many products or too much of certain foods which overwhelm the body.
In this expanded edition smoothies and juices are offered to treat general well-being recovery issues. This book is your total well-being recovery guide and offers information to educate why certain fruits and vegetables are used and what nutrients they house.
Broken into six sections this book is very easy to negotiate and find a solution to well-being recovery and easy to understand explanations why each product works so well.
Solutions are offered to address most common conditions such as: Arthritis, Abscesses, Asthma, Boils, Anxiety, Blood pressure, Constipation, Irritable bowel, Cholesterol management, Chronic fatigue, syndrome, Convalescence, Cortisone treatment, Dandruff and many more.
Gain a sense of well-being recovery and be excited by the healing potential that lies within fruit and vegetables.
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