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  • Diatomaceous 500g + Plant Health Enhancement Pack

Diatomaceous 500g + Plant Health Enhancement Pack

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Pack includes:

150g Bluestone

300g hydrated lime

500g Diatomaceous

Plant Health Enhancement Kit

Elevate the resilience of your plants and ensure they thrive with our Plant Health Enhancement Kit. It's a common oversight to address plant challenges only when they become visibly apparent. However, proactive care is essential for maintaining the vigour of your plants. If you notice signs of distress, such as leaf curl, it's not too late to take action. Our kit supports your efforts in nurturing your trees back to health.

For optimal results, begin your plant care routine at the first hint of leaf shedding in autumn. Continuing this regimen every 4 weeks throughout the late winter and into early spring can significantly contribute to your plant's overall well-being.

Neglect can lead to undue stress and potentially irreversible damage to your plants. Dedicating just a few moments to their care can make a significant difference, allowing you to enjoy the fruits of your labour—literally—without the disappointment of lost potential.

Our easy-to-prepare Plant Health Enhancement Kit is a nod to the tried-and-true Bordeaux mixture, assisting you in creating a conducive environment for your plants' growth. This kit is especially suited for:

  • Enhancing the condition of roses,
  • Supporting leaf vitality,
  • Promoting a healthy foliage environment resistant to adverse conditions,
  • Assisting in maintaining the health of Peach & Nectarine trees, among others, fostering resilience against common garden challenges.

Kit Contents:

  • 150g Bluestone
  • 300g Hydrated Lime

Preparation Instructions:

  1. Start with half a cup of warm water, mixing in 1 teaspoon of bluestone and 2 teaspoons of hydrated lime until fully dissolved.
  2. Complete the solution with fresh water to achieve a total volume of 1 litre.
  3. Transfer the mixture to a spray bottle for application.

This kit yields up to 40 litres of solution, supporting the sustained care of your garden.


Diatomaceous Earth

Our Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is 100% pure, entirely organic, and safe for various applications. Use DE to address concerns around pets, livestock, plants, seeds, and more. Originating from fossilized microscopic shells, DE proves to be a useful and secure food-grade substance that offers benefits to birds and animals.

As a food-grade diatomaceous earth, DE functions as a mild abrasive and absorbent material, primarily consisting of silica - an essential element. It offers a natural solution for challenges presented by certain organisms, 

Recommend dosage rates for plants and crops
Mix 5gm (1 tbsn)  in 1 litre or water and spray to cover up to 7m2 

Safety Directions: Avoid inhaling contents, wear a dust mask, and gloves when handling. If inhaled, move to an area for fresh air and rest comfortably for breathing. Wash hands immediately after use. If skin or eye irritation occurs, rinse under warm running water and immediately seek medical advice.

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