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  • Coco Pith Big Malaka Pack

Coco Pith Big Malaka Pack

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 Coco Pith 5L

1 x Big Malaka seed packet

1 x Black Grit 1kg Refill

1 x Liquid Gold 500ml

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Please call 1300 627 374


Excellent Water Holding capacity

Free from weed seeds & pathogens

Neutral substrate maintains beneficial micro life


Coco Pith is a premium quality 100% vegetable-based growing medium. Its structure maintains moisture in potting mixes. It is used and recommended by commercial growers for cutting, seed raising, microgreens and wheatgrass. It's also suitable for hydroponics and as a substrate for frogs and reptiles.


Due to the increase in cost of shipping, Limit 1 unit per order.

To purchase multiple units for Pickup, place multiple orders OR contact our team to purchase multiple units in 1 order.

Coupon codes do not apply to this item.


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