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  • Citrus Guard White Spray 200g

Citrus Guard White Spray 200g

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Citrus Guard White Spray (CGWS)

CGWS, a premium-quality, refined kaolin mineral, offers an innovative approach to citrus tree care. Specifically formulated for use on citrus trees, CGWS creates a protective barrier on the trees, promoting a healthier environment for growth and fruit production.

Key Benefits of CGWS:

  • Enhances the natural defense of citrus trees against specific garden pests.
  • Aids in mitigating heat stress, contributing to a cooler canopy environment.
  • Encourages increased fruit yield and tree vitality.

How CGWS Works:

Upon mixing with water and applying to citrus trees, CGWS forms a white coating that serves multiple functions. This barrier not only assists in maintaining a cooler temperature around the tree but also supports the tree’s natural resilience against certain pests, without directly eliminating them. By creating an unfavourable environment for pests to thrive, it indirectly contributes to the protection of the trees.

Target Pests:

While CGWS is designed with a focus on enhancing tree health and vitality, observations have suggested its utility in creating conditions less favorable for the establishment and impact of pests such as the Citrus Gall Wasp. These pests are known for their potential to cause significant harm to citrus trees, including reduced sap flow and overall vitality, especially in lemon, orange, lime, and mandarin trees.

Additional Pest Observations:

Trials have indicated positive outcomes in managing the effects of additional pests, including the Codling Moth, Citrus Leaf Miner, and Pear & Cherry Slug, by promoting conditions that deter their activity.

Heat Stress Management:

CGWS has demonstrated effectiveness in reducing canopy temperature by up to 8°C, which is particularly beneficial in regions experiencing high summer temperatures that can impede photosynthesis and growth. This cooling effect can significantly enhance the development and earlier fruit production of young trees, improving the economic outlook for citrus plantations.

Application Guidelines:

  • Frequency: Apply every six to eight weeks, adjusting based on weather conditions, from late winter to early autumn or when temperatures consistently exceed 20 degrees.
  • Mixing Instructions: Start with 50g (3 tbsp) of CGWS per 1 litre of water for the initial application, reducing to 25g (1½ tbsp) for subsequent applications. Ensure thorough mixing to avoid clumping.
  • Application Method: Apply until runoff, ensuring comprehensive coverage. After application, cleanse the sprayer with clean water.

Precautionary Measures:

  • CGWS may cause mild eye and respiratory irritation. Protective eyewear and a dust mask are recommended during application to minimize exposure.

By integrating CGWS into your citrus tree care regimen, you are choosing a proactive approach to supporting the health and productivity of your citrus trees, leveraging a method that aligns with responsible gardening practices.


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