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  • Tree Guard Adhesive

Tree Guard Adhesive

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Tree Guard by GoNatural protects trees all year round from nuisance and destructive crawling insects.

This is a strictly mechanical pest barrier utilizing no pesticides or harmful chemicals.

It provides effective organic control and protects 24 hours a day.

Ready to use, it is waterproof & weatherproof.


Tree Guard provides an environmentally friendly way to control and protect trees from crawling insects that must climb tree trunks to feed, mate or deposit eggs into fruit, leaves and stems.

By creating a barrier to access, Tree Guard is an effective way to rid trees of crawling insects and help protect valuable trees by reducing their population. It will trap any crawling insect from climbing up or down a tree trunk, including

- Codling Moth

- Elm Leaf Beetle

- Cherry and Pear Slug

- Ants

- Earwigs

- Moths

- Caterpillars

- Worms and Weevils


Application – Wrap masking tape or packing tape around the tree trunk, about 30-50cm above ground level.

One 500gm tub will cover approximately 12 tree trunks that measure about 30cm in diameter.

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