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  • Liquid Gold 1Ltr

Liquid Gold 1Ltr

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Improved root growth
Stronger microbial activity
Healthier stems and trunks
Huge increase in yield in fruit and vegetables 

Liquid Gold is a seaweed extract fertilizer to encourage the healthy growth of your garden. It is made from freshly collected storm cast Australian Bull Kelp. It contains micronutrients and plant growth hormones that help produce healthy plants and lawns.

Directions for use May be sprayed on the foliage or applied as a soil drench. Apply early morning or late afternoon. Do not apply in full sun in the middle of the day.  

Application rate


Dilute 40ml to 9L. Apply 2 to 4 times during the growing season

Flowers & Natives:   

Dilute 40ml to 9L. Apply every 2-3 week intervals during the growing season. May be applied to foliage or soil.

Fruit trees:            

Dilute 40ml to 9L. Spray at budburst and then apply every 2-4 week intervals until within a week or two of harvest.

Indoor Plants:    

Dilute 20ml to 9L. Apply to foliage or soil every month.


Dilute 20ml to 9L. Apply to foliage or soil every 2-4 week intervals.


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