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  • Roast Garlic Fusion 80g

Roast Garlic Fusion 80g

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ROAST GARLIC FUSION – Sprinkle to Season

Naturally grown, a soft neck white garlic to produce Roast Garlic Fusion. A strong garlic
blended with onion, black garlic and sea salt flakes, to create a fantastic flavour fusion to
sprinkle on to your meals, before, during or after cooking.
Add to mashed potatoes, in hamburgers, on baked vegetables, to sauces, in vegetable
patties, with rice or pasta.

This product is Gluten Free.


Roast Garlic 35%

Onion, Sea Salt flakes, Black Garlic

Wwhat are you doing now is where Wwhat was derived.
Growing to preserve the edible garden fare into produce from the vast range of naturally
grown fruit, vegetables and herbs, then designing the Sprinkle to Season.
A umami of flavours to Sprinkle to Season any meal you desire, add before, during or after
Following the seasons, charting the rainfall to grow my main crop of garlic, with vegetables,
herbs and fruits, to harvest optimum yields and quality.
My produce is grown naturally as nature intended on the Bellarine Peninsula using Vasili’s
natural product range.
Visit my garden on ‘Vasili’s Garden’ on Channel 72 Catch-up, Season 5 Episode2.

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