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Whitewash pack

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Includes 1kg Hydrated Lime

Whitewashing is the application of hydrated lime that has been mixed with water to the consistency of paint which is then applied with a paintbrush around the entire trunk.

The numerous advantages of applying our whitewash solution to your plants include:

Encouraging the healing process of exposed areas,
Supporting the resilience of the base against deterioration,
Contributing to the maintenance of plant health,
Assisting in creating an environment less favourable for the unwelcome presence of various critters, such as caterpillars, ants, grubs, and snails, thus promoting their natural redirection away from the stem.

Safety Directions: Avoid inhaling contents, wear a dust mask, and gloves when handling. If inhaled, move to an area for fresh air and rest comfortably for breathing. Wash hands immediately after use. If skin or eye irritation occurs, rinse under warm running water and immediately seek medical advice.


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