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Black Grit 4kg + Liquid Pack 500ml

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Includes 500ml Eco Boost & 500ml Liquid Gold



Two identical garden beds

With Black Grit

No Black Grit

Customer review

I am so impressed with your black grit and other grow products and the photos clearly disclose how good they are. The comparison of the 2 garden beds convinces me to be an ongoing user of them to ensure outstanding vegetable and plant growth.  I am also encouraging my family and friends to use it too. Thanks again for your great advice that really works and also for your Sat and Sun sessions on 3AW radio.

from Roger S.

Soil Health, Fertility and Sustainability
Black Grit 0-8-0 is a fused calcium magnesium silicate phosphate soil amendment/fertilizer that has been used successfully around the world for the last century in low fertility acid soils where it increases pH and CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity) and provides and helps unlock P in the soil.
Black Grit provides soil amendment and fertilizer together in ONE application to acid soils. It assists in increasing ph to a sustainable level whilst providing useful amounts of macroelements Ca, Mg, Si, and P as well as a range of micronutrients. It is not water-soluble therefore does not leach or wash away.
Black Grit is made from naturally occurring minerals not chemically treated. It works with the natural soil chemistry to digest soil acid as well as providing minerals in a plant-available form. It is high in plant available calcium (24%), magnesium (10%) silicon (11%), and phosphorus (8%) and also acts as an alternative to lime.
Black Grit can be used as a starter in a crop or broadcast over pasture at any time of the year.
It has taken decades in some cases for soils to deteriorate, change also takes some time, but the sooner Black Grit is applied the sooner it can get to work in the soil. Typically, within 24 hours of application with some moisture Black Grit will start to digest soil acid and provide macronutrients to the plant.

Simply sprinkle 20g p/m2 around the garden and water in.

1kg of Black Grit will treat up to 50m2 garden.

Apply Black Grit every 3-6 months


Liquid Gold

Improved root growth
Stronger microbial activity
Healthier stems and trunks
Huge increase in yield in fruit and vegetables 

Liquid Gold is a seaweed extract fertilizer to encourage the healthy growth of your garden. It is made from freshly collected storm cast Australian Bull Kelp. It contains micronutrients and plant growth hormones that help produce healthy plants and lawns.

Directions for use May be sprayed on the foliage or applied as a soil drench. Apply early morning or late afternoon. Do not apply in full sun in the middle of the day.  

Eco Booch

Improved root growth
Stronger microbial activity
Bigger, healthier, colourful flowers
Vibrant green leaves
Healthier stems and trunks
Huge yield increase in fruit and vegetables 
Healthier soil and potting mix

When amino acids are taken up via the soil microbes, soil microbes multiply in number which in turn increases the availability of previously locked up nutrients to the plant. Amino acids and peptides are used directly for protein and enzyme synthesis. Eco-Booch contains significant amounts of nitrogen and potassium and is particularly suited to organic crop production. Eco-Booch can be used on a wide range of plants, including vegetables, flowering, and fruiting crops.

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