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A Simple Urban Life

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“If you are not producing what you are eating you are allowing someone else to decide what goes in your mouth.”

A Simple Urban Life will help you see why you should be walking away from processed food and start producing these artisan foods the way they were intended, made with tradition, and without chemicals. Our food is making us sick! We might be living longer but we are not healthier. 

The food we eat from supermarkets is loaded with fat, sugar, and salt to make it delicious, but it is worse than that. Much of it is full of chemicals to make it last for long periods on the shelves. It’s time we took back control of what we are feeding our families and got back to making much of the staple foods ourselves, so we have control over what goes in their mouths, NOT someone else!

With lots of recipes for producing the foods you have relied on supermarkets for in the past, A Simple Urban Life will see you re-think the way you shop, cook, and eat. These recipes are chemical-free, made the artisan way, and – best of all – delicious.

Your family will love them as much as the hundreds of people Craig Castree has taught them to. A Simple Urban Life will have you revisit or start your own family traditions of passing on how real food is made. Our future generations depend on us to pass these recipes and methods on so that they are not forgotten and buried like so many already lost forever.

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