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Eradicate Eco Organic Snail & Slug Bait 2.5kg + Extra 1kg FREE

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This product DOES NOT CONTAIN SCHEDULED POISONS such as Metaldehyde or Methiocarb.

The active ingredient is elemental iron.

Treats 1000m2

Eradicate Eco snail and slug bait contains a low hazard formula to effectively kill snails, slugs and slaters for gardeners who care about their children, pets, native birds, lizards, fauna and earthworms.

When ERADICATE ECO is eaten, snails and slugs start to lose their appetite and crawl back to their shelter where they die. Paralysed or dead snails will rarely be seen in the open. Use around seedlings potted plants, vegetables and clumps of perennials.


How to use:

Sprinkle pellets at a rate of 70 pellets per square meter around plants to be protected.

Apply after rain or watering. DO NOT place pellets in heaps.

General instructions:

Store in original packaging. Keep in a safe place away from children, animals, poultry or ducks. Dogs may find ERADICATE attractive.

This product DOES NOT CONTAIN SCHEDULED POISONS such as Metaldehyde or Methiocarb.

The active ingredient is elemental iron.


Storage & disposal:

Keep out of reach of children and pets. Store in the closed original packaging in a dry, cool place out of direct sunlight. Dispose of empty packaging by wrapping it in paper and putting it in the garbage.


Safety Direction:

Wash hands after use.

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