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New Superfood Plant Food Fertiliser 30ltr Bag

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Normally $56.99 - On Sale $9.95


10 bags or more $9.50 each
20 bags or more $9.00 each
30 bags or more $8.50 each 
40 bags or more $8.00 each

Pickup only from Lethbridge & Coburg Stores.

All bulk orders
ph: 1300 627 374
email: sales@vasilisgarden.com


Larger quantities are available for pickup only!

Call to place your order on 1300 627 374

or email sales@vasilisgarden.com

We understand 1000’s of gardeners are excited about the opportunity to trial our new amazing organic fertiliser in their garden so here’s your chance to order at less than wholesale price and do a little trial of your own as well.


Other product sizes

Superfood Fine Fertiliser

350g & 950g container

Perfect for pots, planters & lawns


Superfood Pellets 700g, 1.9kg & 10kg container

Perfect for all types of garden beds, trees and shrubs.


Vasili’s Superfood fertiliser suitable for all types of plant life, seedlings, vegetables, herbs, flowering, fruit and ornamental trees, succulents, natives, indoor & outdoor pot plants.

Application rate 70g p/m2


Vasili’s Plant Superfood, made from Larvae Castings is a powerful tool for plant nutrition, containing natural chemicals and beneficial microorganisms and nutritionally beneficial minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, nitrogen and more.

Vasili’s Plant Superfood will encourage plant defense against problems such as powdery mildew, blight, fungus gnats, and molds, as well as practically all insect assaults, including root-destroying nematodes. 

Enhanced with Black Grit to leverage its high chitin content, and biodiversity for healthier well-structured soil.

Scientific research has shown that chitin:

  • Accelerates germination, growth and increases seedling survival
  • Prevents root rot and leads to less pathogenic fungi and nematodes in the soil
  • Improves the proliferation of legume-rhizobia (symbiotic root nodules), supporting the higher capture of atmospheric N. 

The presence of insect chitin triggers the activation of natural plant defenses to grow thicker stalks and stems and produce natural toxins which fend off insects that feed on sap and leaves.

Boasting over 240 million colony-forming microbes per gram, it also contains 10+ trace elements to support and accelerate plant growth.



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