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Vegie Tower

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New Vegie Tower!

Growing vegies has never been easier!

Grow 50 assorted vegies in only 50cm2 of space. 

No soil required

Fertilise only with our Certified Organic Liquid Feriliters 

Once it's set up, it's as simple as plug and forget then sit back and watch the vegies grow.

No additional watering or fertilising is required.


Made from non-toxic food grade plastic.

Kit includes

Seedling tower

Water Tank

Seedling Tray

Irrigation pipe

Seedling pots

Water pump

Seedling sponge



Planting & Fertilising Instructions

Insert one seedling plant into each of the seedling pots, (plug seedlings or perfect for these pots) carefully feed any long seedling roots through the holes at the base of the pot. (No additional soil required)

Add 200ml of each Liquid Fertilisers into the water tank, then fill tank with 50L of fresh water.

Plug pump to power and that's it!

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