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GroStik Buy 1 Get 1 Free

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Price Includes 2 GroStik Units

GroStik (GrowBud)

Growing plants has never been easier!

The most effective and versatile plant growth enhancing device on the planet!

Utilising the latest in solar and carbon technology the GroStik (GroBud) utilises the sun's energy

and the latest in carbon technology to safely activate the soil surrounding your plant.

Rapidly increasing the growth rate and yield by as much as 50%, while naturally eradicating up to 99%

of insects without the use of chemicals.



In fact, simply by introducing a GroStik to your plant it can..


1. Increase the yield by up to 50%

2. Increase the plant's growth rate

3. Improve plant health

4. Decrease insect infestation


The GroStik achieves all this completely naturally without the use of fertilisers pesticides or

any form of dangerous chemicals.

Can be used in medium to large pots and ideally designed for small vegetable & flowering beds approximately

2-3 square meteres in size. 

UV stabilised & reusable season after season


Watch how the GroStik improves the health of the dying Elf Mint

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