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3-Tine Hoe extendaHANDLE
6 Pack Hand Tools

6 Pack Hand Tools

$70.00 $93.70

6 Pack Hand Tools + 11 Pack Hot Seeds
6 Pack Hand Tools + T Spade
8 Piece Kids Tool Kit - Blue
8 Piece Kids Tool Kit - Pink
8 Piece Kids Tool Kit - Red
Ashwood Trowel & Dibbler Hand Tools
Bulb Planter Large

Bulb Planter Large

$16.50 $22.95

Bulb Trowel Stainless Steel
Copper Tool Brush
Cut & Prune Pack + Fav' 4 Pack Tomatoes
Dibbler Stainless Steel
Grafting Tool WellKut

Grafting Tool WellKut

$54.00 $62.99

Grafting Tools Combo
Hand Cultivar Stainless Steel
Hand Fork Stainless Steel
Hand Fork Stainless Steel Long Handle
Hand Trowel Stainless Steel
Hand Widger Stainless Steel
Kids Christmas Tool Gift
Kids Metal Bucket - Blue
Kids Metal Bucket - Pink
Kids Metal Bucket - Red
Kids Metal Watering Can- Blue
Kids Metal Watering Can- Pink
Kids Metal Watering Can- Red
Oscillating Stirrup Hoe 100mm no Handle
Secateurs Small Bypass Pruning Shear
Sharpening Stone

Sharpening Stone

$17.95 $19.90

Spade T Spade

Spade T Spade


Staples Suit Max Tapener Tool
Staples Suit Sono Tapetool
Tapener Gun Max HTR-R1 + Free Gloves
Trowel extendaHANDLE

Trowel extendaHANDLE

$22.95 $24.95

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