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Citrus Gall Trap & CGWS 600g
Citrus Gall Wasp Trap 'Fruition'
Citrus Guard White Spray 200g
Citrus Guard White Spray 600g
Diatomaceous 500g + Disease Control Pack
Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade 1kg
Disease Control Pack

Disease Control Pack

$7.95 $14.95

Fruit Tree Cuttings (Scion)
Growing & Grafting Fruit Trees Book
LOWE No1 Anvil Pruner

LOWE No1 Anvil Pruner

$78.95 $101.90

LOWE No11 Standard Bypass Pruner
LOWE No14 Compact Bypass Pruner
LOWE No5 Small Anvil Pruner
Plant Guard - 5 Pack PICKUP ONLY
Plant Profiles Plant Your Success
Plant Protection Pack - CGWS 200g + DCPK
Pocket Pruner

Pocket Pruner

$11.95 $16.95

Pouch Padded for Secateurs and Sharpener
Refill 4 Pack

Refill 4 Pack

$15.00 $65.75

Refill Collection Pack

Refill Collection Pack

$79.95 $338.25

Secateurs Small Bypass Pruning Shear
Tree Stake Metal Galvanized
VELCRO Brand Plant Tie 12mm x 15M
VELCRO Brand Plant Tie 50mm x 5M
Whitewash pack

Whitewash pack

$4.00 $4.50

Persimmon Tree 300mm Fuyu non astringent
Weeping Cheery Tree Tall Pink 500mm Pot
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