Pocket PrunerPocket Pruner
On sale

Pocket Pruner

$11.95 $16.95
Tapener Gun Tapetool Max HTR-R1Tapener Gun Tapetool Max HTR-R1
On sale

Tapener Gun Tapetool Max HTR-R1

$139.00 $171.40
Plant Soft Tie 25mtrPlant Soft Tie 25mtr
On sale

Plant Soft Tie 25mtr

$5.95 $7.95
LOWE No1 Anvil PrunerLOWE No1 Anvil Pruner
On sale

LOWE No1 Anvil Pruner

$78.90 $101.90
Pocket Knife 70mmPocket Knife 70mm
On sale

Pocket Knife 70mm

$18.95 $24.99
6 Way Cane Connector6 Way Cane Connector
On sale

6 Way Cane Connector

$11.95 $14.95
Secateurs Small Bypass Pruning ShearSecateurs Small Bypass Pruning Shear
On sale

Secateurs Small Bypass Pruning Shear

$29.95 $39.95
Staples Suit Max Tapener ToolStaples Suit Max Tapener Tool
On sale

Staples Suit Max Tapener Tool

$8.50 $9.95
Jute Twine Plant Tie 100mtrJute Twine Plant Tie 100mtr
On sale

Jute Twine Plant Tie 100mtr

$3.95 $4.95
Gardener's Knee PadsGardener's Knee Pads
On sale

Gardener's Knee Pads

$18.95 $24.95
Gardener's Tool BeltGardener's Tool Belt
On sale

Gardener's Tool Belt

$17.95 $22.95
Build a Frame 4 Piece KitBuild a Frame 4 Piece Kit
On sale

Build a Frame 4 Piece Kit

$26.95 $34.95
Mini SeederMini Seeder
On sale

Mini Seeder

$3.95 $5.95
Multi SharpenerMulti Sharpener
On sale

Multi Sharpener

$14.95 $18.95
LOWE No14 Compact Bypass PrunerLOWE No14 Compact Bypass Pruner
On sale

LOWE No14 Compact Bypass Pruner

$59.00 $78.90
LOWE No11 Standard Bypass PrunerLOWE No11 Standard Bypass Pruner
On sale

LOWE No11 Standard Bypass Pruner

$79.90 $109.90
LOWE No5 Small Anvil PrunerLOWE No5 Small Anvil Pruner
On sale

LOWE No5 Small Anvil Pruner

$66.00 $88.90
Folding SawFolding Saw
On sale

Folding Saw

$24.95 $27.95
Pouch Padded for Secateurs and SharpenerPouch Padded for Secateurs and Sharpener
On sale
Garden PegsGarden Pegs
On sale

Garden Pegs

$6.50 $7.95

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