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Season 1
Ivan From Gisborne - S01 Ep01
5th November 2016
Martin, Nadder and Adnan - S01 Ep2
12th November 2016
Norbert from Mt Waverley - S01 Ep3
19th November 2016
Rayner's Orchard - S01 Ep4
26th November 2016
Leo and Clancy from Heidleberg - S01 Ep5
3rd December 2016
East Keilor Sustainability Street - S01 Ep6
10th December 2016
Paul McKay - S01 Ep7
17th December 2016
Craig Castree - S01 Ep8
24th December 2016
Peter from Hadfield - S01 Ep9
31st December 2016
Gary from Macedon - S01 Ep10
7th January 2017
Vic from Doncaster - S01 Ep11
14th January 2017
Season 2
Gaetano from Coburg - S02 Ep01
7th April 2017 - Vasili visits Gaetano who grows amazing tomatoes in the smallest and hottest of spaces in the garden. The best way to cool down is with a glass of home made wine in his cellar. Maresi!
Kaye & Bert from Wantirna - S02 Ep02
14th April 2017 - Vasili visits Kaye and Bert from Wantirna and checks out their amazing ornamental and edible garden. Kaye shares her secret flowering trail leading you to the bottom of the fairy garden. While Bert shows off his enclosed vegetable garden filled with fruit and veggies. Vasili gets to taste freshly harvested honey from their bee hive too. Oh how sweet it is.
Costa from Craigieburn - S02 Ep03
22nd April 2017 - We visit Costa from Craigieburn who loves growing vegetables in his backyard just as much as he loves showing off the amazing cucumbers and tomatoes he produces. We also visit Brendan from The Cape in Cape Paterson to learn all about their self sustainable residential homes with a 7.5-star energy rating.
Tony from Thomastown - S02 Ep04
29th April 2017 - The quiet achiever. Simple, neat and well organised, Tony takes great pride with everything he does. He is not a man of many words but one with lots of passion and dedication. Even the feast we had was amazing. 
Frank from Mt Waverley - S02 Ep5
5th May 2017 - If there was ever to be a jungle of vegetables, it would have to be Franks place. Not only was Vasili amazed by the amount of vegetables growing, the quality of each and every one was perfect too. Vasili also had the pleasure to explore the cellar filled with all sorts of goodness, wine, beer, preserves, salami and the list goes on. 
Joe & Lena from Woodend - S02 Ep06
12th May 2017 - Meet Joe, who grows everything in giant proportions, giant plants with huge fruit and vegetables for harvesting. Joe shows Vasili how to make traditional Italian tomato sauce which they also sit down for a delicious meal to enjoy. Maresi!
Daniel and Amanda from Mernda - S02 Ep07
6th May 2017 - Vasili visits Daniel who explains why gardening is so important to him and his family. Vasili helps solve tree pruning problems as well as insect and disease identification. Rewarded for his efforts, Daniel challenges Vasili to a chilli eating competition.
Chris' Bonsais - S02 Ep08
27th May 2017 - Learn the secrets to growing the perfect bonsai plant with Chris, a passionate grower and teacher in the art of Bonsai. He will amaze you with his wealth of knowledge whose willing to share with all who care.
Georgia and Sam - S02 Ep09
3rd June 2017 - Their wacky yet lovable character will captivate you while Vasili explores the unusual yet impressive garden of Georgia and Sam. Recycling and re-purposing is the theme for their garden.
Ralph from Sandy Bay - S02 Ep10
10th June 2017 - They said it could not be done, but Ralph proved them wrong. Building and establishing a garden on the side of a hill was the easy part, keeping it thriving was the challenge, but Ralph had that covered too. With the help from HALS who show us how they produce the amazing Biochar compost and potting mix.
Debbie from Lovely Banks - S02 Ep11
17th June 2017 - Building a sustainable garden on acreage was always her dream, now a working progress, Debbie is seeing the dream become reality. From chook tractors to wicking beds and citrus groves, Debbie has even established a class room for young ones to come and learn as well.
Debbie from Magic Medows - S02 Ep12
24th June 2017 - We learn how Debbie helps Aussie farmers sell the farm fresh produce from her farm gate. We hear the difficult life stories farmers and families endure because of their produce being rejected by the retail giants.
Nick from Lovely Banks - S02 Ep13
1st July 2017 - It is a labour of love for Nick with his orchard of fruit trees. Learn how to pick the olives for processing into extra virgin olive oil.
Poppy from Reservoir - S02 Ep14
8th July 2017 - You will be amazed of the knowledge and passion the Poppy has for gardening and eating fresh. This young girl even hides vegetables in her bedroom for midnight snacks. While her dad enjoys brewing a few craft beers in the outhouse. 
Matt from Food for Change - S02 Ep15
15th July 2017 - Growing for those in need was always a vision Matt dreamed of, which has come to fruition. With the help of some great companies, Matt is now growing to feed many. Jason visits Lyle from Roraima Nursery to explore the amazing ornamental gardens.
Joyce from Brunswick West - S02 Ep16
22nd July 2017 - Vasili visits Joyce, whose garden is an extension of her passion and vibrant spirit. There is a little piece of her positive energy in each and every pot plant.
Kathy from Thornbury - S02 Ep17
29th July 2017 - Kathy has a beautiful garden that exudes love and the passion for life. Her creative spirit really shines through her garden, built from reclaimed material given to her by her son in-law, milk bottles, bed springs, clogs as pots, the list goes on and on.
Graeme and Lorraine from Clayton South - S02 Ep18
5th August 2017 - It is all about citrus, Graeme and Lorraine invite Vasili to see their amazing orange tree that was in need of a good prune. Vasili demonstrates how to prune a citrus and explains hot to care and protect citrus from insect and disease. 
Season 3
Angelo and Lena from Coburg - S03 Ep1
14th October 2017
Kyrstie from Highton - S03 Ep2
21st October 2017
Tony from Keilor Park - S03 Ep3
28th Oct 2017 - We visited Tony from Keilor Park. He has a traditional Italian backyard and loves his grapes, beans and of course tomatoes. 
Rennette from Pennsylvania Park Produce - S03 Ep4
4th November 2017 - We visit Rennette from Pennsylvania Park Produce to learn how she grows her herbs and veggies.
Werribee Zoo and Anne from Lara - S03 Ep5
11th November 2017 - Vasili visits Werribee Open Range Zoo to check out all the wonderful animals and their big pearly smiles. He also learns how they grow plant life to not only landscape the beautiful surroundings but feed the animals as well.
John and Helen from Woodstock - S03 Ep6
18th November 2017 - We visit Helen and John on their acre property full of amazing flowering plants, some veggies and a couple of fruit trees. They do a great job considering they are only on tank water. 
Season 4
Simone from Geelong West - S04 Ep1
1st September 2018 - We visited Simone in Geelong West who loves to recycle and re-purpose everything she collects and when it comes to power tools, Simone is not shy to give it a go. We also meet the Transition Streets group who get together regularly to discuss all things about nature and sustainability while they feast on healthy home made food that is to die for. 
Geelong West Community Garden - S04 Ep2
8th September 2018 - We visit Geelong West Community Garden. It may be small community garden but they are big on growing all things delicious and organic. Sharing great tips for everyone to learn and enjoy.
Eddy's Fresh Fruit and Veggies - S04 Ep3
22nd September 2018 - We visited Eddys Fresh Fruit and Veggies. A Family owned business who together with the help of their 90 year old grandfather Charlie, grow and sell fresh organic produce for everyone to enjoy. 
Covenant College Agricultural Festival - S04 Ep4
6th October 2018 - We head out to Covenant College for their Inaugural Agriculture Festival which I must say was a total success! The students and staff working together to learn and share so many great skills that all children and school alike should be doing. Bread making, juicing, drying and preserving, building mini hothouses, planting and even hatching chicken eggs!
Ken from Museums Victoria - S04 Ep5
20th October 2018 - We meet Dr. Ken Walker at the Melbourne Museum, who takes us on a journey through the amazing world of insects. We learn all about the beneficial insects and the reason why we should not spray out garden with chemical.
Ken from Museums Victoria Part 2 - S04 Ep6
27th October 2018 - We meet Dr. Ken Walker at the Melbourne Museum, who takes us on a journey through the amazing world of insects. We learn all about the beneficial insects and the reason why we should not spray out garden with chemical.
Victorian State Rose Garden - S04 Ep7
3rd November 2018 - Vasili heads out to the Victoria State Rose Garden in Werribee, to meet the volunteers and discuss the amazing work they do.
Sage Farm - S04 Ep8
10th November 2018 - Sage Farmis no ordinary farm. Nestled on the slopes of Moorabool Valley, they ethically farm their cattle, sheep and chickens and grow fresh produce in their market garden. They provide the best possible lives for their animals in their care and produce the finest meats and produce from their PrimeSafe accredited butchery and registered SageKitchen. 
Essendon Community Garden - S04 Ep9
24th November 2018 - We head out to Essendon Community Garden. It is the second oldest community garden in Victoria with over 70 plot holders. It is a thriving community within the inner city fringe, celebrating their 40th year anniversary.
Raffaela and Paolo from Essendon - S04 Ep10
1st December 2018 - We visit Raffaela and Paolo who need some help with their new garden. It is their first time planting a vegetable garden and they need some great gardening tips and advice from the man himself, so they too can enjoy beautiful fresh produce. 
Sarah from Eurambeen Historic Homestead and Gardens - S04 Ep11
8th December 2018 - Want to see beautiful gardens? We head out to Eurambeen Historic Homestead and Gardens to meet Sarah who takes us on a tour of an amazing Edna Walling designed garden. It was a complete mess when they first bought the estate six years ago but now with a lot of elbow grease it is a sight for sore eyes.
Bron from Frankston - S04 Ep12
15th December 2018 - Got a possum problem? Well fear no more because this week we visit Bron, a conservationist who looks after at least 15 possums living in her garden. One would think that with so many possums living there, there would be no plants left alive but in actual fact all of her plants are thriving. Bron shares her tips on how to care for possums and the garden at the same time. 
Valentinos Wish - S04 Ep13
22nd December 2018 - We head out to meet Jade and Gareth to help them build a sensory garden for their little son Valentino. With the support from the Starlight Children Foundation and the help from family and friends as well as a few locals, we get an amazing garden completed in record time. Also some great gardening tips for you to learn and enjoy practicing in your own garden and maybe save some trees from the dreaded scale as well. 
Season 5
Bob from Waurn Ponds - S05 Ep1
3rd February 2019 - We visit Bob from Waurn Ponds. He certainly must be doing something right because he is looking mighty fine for his age, growing and preserving everything from his garden. Although, he needed a couple of pointers on his citrus trees.
Henry from Pakenham - S05 Ep2
10th February 2019 - We visit Henry who judging by his tan, loves the sun just as much as he loves his garden. He has created his own oasis in just a short period, enjoying fresh fruit and veggies that everyone gets to enjoy. He is a natural green thumb.
Dave and Kath from Mount Eliza Part 01 - S05 Ep3
17th February 2019 - We venture out to Mount Eliza to meet Dave and Kath. Now, if there ever was a garden that left me gobbed smacked, it has to be his. No, it is not an ornamental garden, but rather over 1 acre full of edibles, including and orchard, hothouse, chook house and much more. When you learn how old Dave it and the fact that he looks after the gardens all on his own, I guarantee you will be blown away. Cause I was!
Dave and Kath from Mount Eliza Part 02 - S05 Ep4
24th February 2019 - We are back with Dave and Kath because they have got so much to show that we could not fit it all into one episode.
Craig from Werribee - S05 Ep5
3rd March 2019 - We head out to meet my old mate Craig who is known for his amazing multi-grafted fruit trees and edible garden. We take a tour around the garden to see how it is performing and then Craig surprises me by showing me how to make buffalo mozzarella cheese in under 10 minutes! You have got to see it to believe it. Freshly made mozzarella, with a slice of fresh tomato, basil and a dribble of olive oil.
Terry and Jenny from Sunbury - S05 Ep6
10th March 2019 - We meet Terry and Jenny from Sunbury. Although they have only been living at their new property for one year, they have been able to achieve a lot in such a short time. As for many of us, the garden is a working progress. But they have many successful achievements and ideas that they share with us. For example, a shipping container converted into a chook pen...that is right a chook pen. It is the Taj Mahal of chook pens.
Season 6
Matt and Brodie from Kilsyth - S06 Ep1
9th June 2019 - We head out to meet Matt and Brodie to check out their garden. Coming from acreage down to a small garden, Matt is still practicing all of his amazing garden knowledge in a small space. From recycling pool filters into wicking beds and compost bins to adapting our east hand sprayer with the longest bit of hose I have ever seen. 
Yianni from Thornbury - S06 Ep2
16th June 2019 - Retired for just over 5 years, John now spends almost every minute of his day in his veggie garden and the results are nothing short of amazing! John Shares his gardening tips, from growing your own seedlings, to propagating a citrus tree, to understanding the importance of healthy soil.
Dominico from Coburg - S06 Ep3
23rd June 2019 - Vasili visits Dominico from Coburg. 88 years young he is still making tomato sauce the traditional way. After 65 years of making the sauce, his grandson and his mates offered to come over and help and make a day of it. Everything was going great up to the point where they had to puree the tomatoes.
Sarghoo from Gladstone Park - S06 Ep4
30th June 2019 - Vasili heads out to Gladstone Park to meet Sarghoo who has a grape vine with over 200 bunches of grapes and a passion fruit vine that has nearly covered his entire house. But it does not end there for Sarghoo, all his plants grow like giants. You have gotta see it to believe it. 
Wayne from Bellarine Worms - S06 Ep5
7th July 2019 - Vasili visits Wayne from Bellarine Worms to find out why worms are great for your garden. 
Green Living Festival - S06 Ep6
14th July 2019 - We head out to Anglesea Community Garden for their Inaugural Green Living Festival and later Vasili tests new tools by Felco and shares tips on citrus trees.
Vasili's Special - S06 Ep7
21st July 2019
Craig from Werribee - S06 Ep8
28th July 2019
Another Vasili Special - S06 Ep9
11th August 2019
Vasili's Citrus Espalier - S06 Ep10
18th August 2019
Vasili's Fruit Trees - S06 Ep11
25th August 2019
Preparing for Spring - S06 Ep12
1st September 2019
Dora from Coburg - S06 Ep13
8th September 2019
Melissa from Werribee - S06 Ep14
15th September 2019
Rob from Heritage Fruit Trees - S06 Ep15
22nd September 2019
Vasili's Fruit Tree Orchard - S06 Ep16
29th September 2019
Vasili's Citrus Tree - S06 Ep17
6th October 2019
Vasili's Weeping Cherry - S06 Ep18
13th October 2019
Spring Gardening - S06 Ep19
20th October 2019
Season 7
Victoria State Rose Garden - S07 Ep1
3rd November 2019
Linda from Leopold - S07 Ep2
10th November 2019
Holmer Family from Newtown - S07 Ep3
17th November 2019
Mulching your garden - S07 Ep4
24th November 2019
Queensland Fruit Fly - S07 Ep5
1st December 2019
Ken and Ally from Silvan - S07 Ep6
8th December 2019
Veronica from Bannockburn - S07 Ep7
15th December 2019
Until Next Time - S07 Ep8
22nd December 2019
Season 8
Gardening With Mamma - S08 Ep1
20th September 2020
Building Raised Garden Beds - S08 Ep2
27th September 2020
Spring Gardening Tips - S08 Ep3
4th October 2020
Growing Citrus Trees - S08 Ep4
11th October 2020
Mamma Eleni's Garden - S08 Ep5
18th October 2020
Composting - S08 Ep6
25th October 2020
Planting Tomatoes - S08 Ep7
1st November 2020
Herbs For Life - S08 Ep8
8th November 2020
Beekeeping and Harvesting Honey - S08 Ep9
15th November 2020
For the Love of Tomatoes - S08 Ep10
22nd November 2020
End Of Spring Gardening Tips - S08 Ep11
29th November 2020
Hello Summer - S08 Ep12
6th December 2020
Until Next Time - S08 Ep13
13th December 2020