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  • Mamma's Herb & Spice Mix 80g

Mamma's Herb & Spice Mix 80g

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"For over 40 years, Mamma's Herb and Spice Mix has held a cherished place in our family's kitchen. This extraordinary blend, meticulously crafted by both mum and dad, unites a medley of herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. It's a testament to our passion for both culinary excellence and well-being.

This treasured concoction, handed down through generations, fuels our culinary creativity, enhancing everything from savoury meats and vegetables to delectable pastries, baked goods, and even hearty soups.

Today, we proudly offer you the opportunity to savour this wonderfully aromatic blend. We're confident that you'll embrace it with the same enthusiasm that has made it a beloved staple in our family's kitchen for decades."


Allergen Notice: Mamma's Herb & Spice Mix may contain traces of nuts, gluten, and other allergens.

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