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  • Fruit & Grape Press

Fruit & Grape Press

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Discover the Essence of Pure, Home-Made Beverages with Our Manual Fruit Press

Embrace the art of crafting your own fruit juices and wines with our manual fruit press, a masterpiece designed for enthusiasts who cherish the purity and taste of homemade beverages. Engineered for simplicity and efficiency, this press stands out as the perfect companion for the home gardener keen on avoiding pesticides, fungicides, and chemicals, ensuring every drop is as natural as it gets.

Crafted with Nature in Mind

  • Sturdy Wooden Construction: Built from high-quality hardwood, our press not only promises longevity but also adds a touch of nature to your home. Its wooden structure, minimalistic in metal parts, ensures that your juice remains uncontaminated by external elements.
  • Efficient Screw Mechanism: The heart of our fruit press lies in its screw mechanism operated by a robust press plate. This design guarantees that your crushed fruits are squeezed to the last drop, maximizing yield and flavor.
  • Stainless Steel Drip Tray: Say goodbye to messes and hello to convenience with our stainless steel drip tray. It's not just about catching every precious drop of juice; it's about doing so in the cleanest way possible.
  • Innovative Press Basket: With a 10-liter capacity, the press basket is where the magic happens. Its openings are perfectly sized to ensure free flow of juice while keeping solid particles out. Coupled with a specially designed textile bag, it guarantees a cleaner, finer final product.

Designed for the Home Connoisseur This manual fruit press isn't just a tool; it's a gateway to exploring the full potential of your garden's bounty. Whether you're pressing grapes for wine or squeezing oranges for a morning juice, this press is engineered for those who appreciate the essence of DIY and the satisfaction of drinking something truly home-made.

Elevate your home beverage production with our manual fruit press, where every squeeze is a step closer to nature.

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