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Vasili’s Winner

Week 7 Broadcast date 13th March 2019


Your hands is good for this job.

Winning entry:

Brian Earl. Congratulations!


This Weeks Episode


Yianni from Thornbury. Wednesday 20th March

This week we visit Yianni from Thornbury. Unfortunately we only see the small veggie garden, because he has another huge garden in Rye. But WOW! For such a small space, he’s able to pack it in with so much produce that has everyone totally envious.

But to grow such good produce doesn’t come that easy, everyday he’s out there maintaining his 300 tomato plants, cucumbers and capsicums from as early as 5:30am.

Apparently he’s also an amazing cook, everything comes straight from the garden into the kitchen, onto the plate and into our mouths.

Just the way I like it. Maresi! 

Watch the full episode here.


Vasili’s Quiz 

Week 8 Broadcast date 20th March 2019


What is Yianni's tips for somebody at home who has never grown tomatoes?

The first correct email wins a One Year VIP Member’s Subscrpition.  T&C apply.




Vasili's Garden 

Vasili's Garden is one of Australia's most popular lifestyle garden shows taking you into the backyards of everyday Australians to share organic gardening techniques and teach you how to improve your health using your own garden produce. 

The program currently broadcasts on Australian national television every Sunday 1:30pm on channel 7Two.

Encore: Mondays 11:30am, Saturdays 2:30pm 


Meet the presenters


Vasili is an expert horticulturalist who loves gardening and eating fresh produce. Inspired by the everyday gardeners he visits, he continues to share his knowledge of gardening the natural way. 

Eleni Kanidiadis

Eleni Kanidiadis makes delicious and nutritious smoothie and juice recipes, giving viewers an easy way to include fresh fruit and vegetables in their diets. Eleni's nutritional advice offers viewers the opportunity to drink their way to health.

Eleni's Choice

Dr Sandi Rogers

Dr Sandi Rogers goes back to basics with her advice on using fruit and vegetables as medicine. Sandi's home remedies for health are so simple and effective that viewers will be wondering why they hadn't tried them sooner. 

Jason Lance

Jason Lance is a respected horticulturalist and an expert on flowering plants. Jason visits professional growers and some amazing places, wowing viewers with some of the specimens he finds.

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