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Terms & Conditions


The non-reoccurring subscription is valid for only one year from the date of purchase. A notification will be sent for the renewal of your subscription prior to reaching its expiration date. 

We respect that your time is valuable and we appreciate that you understand ours is too. We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Any cancellations requests made after 24 hours will not be accepted.

No refund will be acknowledged for the amount of the VIP Membership once a purchase of products and or the member’s only area has been accessed.

If a change of address is required to an existing membership/magazine subscription, our team must be contacted in order to make this update successful to all subscriptions. If a magazine issue was returned due to a change of address and there is no record of contact, this issue cannot be claimed/resent.

For further details on when your first magazine will be sent, please contact us via email;

VIP MEMBERSHIP  Subscription renewal

All discount offers associated with the VIP Membership renewal can only be applied to products available through the online store. Ensure you are logged in to your Members account, in order to activate and claim the discount offer on products. No discounts can be applied to the Membership renewal fees. VIP discounted prices are subject to change without notice. We recommend that you visit the website on a regular basis for any price changes. 


Free Postage is available on Orders over $150 and up to a maximum weight of 22kg. Unfortunately, due to the high costs of postage, any orders that have a weight total of 22kg and above, will subject to postage charges or order cancellations. Free Shipping over $200 is eligble on most product, unless stated in the description of any particular item (eg. Black Grit 18kg will incur postage charges even if the total value of the order is over $150). Black Grit can not be shipped to WA or NT.


Vasili's competitions are held monthly and or seasonally, (refer to the subscriber's current newsletter marketing campaign for all current competitions being held.) Vasili's Garden Hamper giveaway, is held on a monthly basis. All customers shopping online within a certain month are automatically entered into the draw for that month for a chance to win. Purchases of Vasili's products made from any good garden centres also qualify to enter the giveaway competition. Customers with purchases made from garden centres are required to provide proof of purchase by sending a photo of the receipt via email to a new winner will be drawn at the end of each month. Details on each seasonal competition, including prize details, entry and closure dates are included in all promotional materials. For more info  


Promotional product giveaways for VIP Members are only valid for the period of the promotion during which the promotional offer may only be obtained by subscribing or extending or renewing an existing subscription. All existing VIP Members are not included or rewarded with any new or future promotional giveaways. All cashback promotional offers can only be redeemed once a new VIP Membership has been obtained and then by applying the specified coupon code provided during a new purchase at the shopping cart page.

Minimum purchase values and maximum usage apply with all coupon codes.

Free VIP memberships given during any promotional period do not include bonus reward points or any cashback promotional offers that may be running simultaneously. 


NO DISCOUNTS, COUPONS, SPECIALS, REWARDS CAN BE APPLIED TO AN ORDER ONCE IT HAS ALREADY BEEN PLACED. Please carefully review your order before finalising. All codes can be applied in the Shopping Cart Page.

All Sales are final. Once an order has been placed, you are accepting all costs associated with your order and any discounts that have been applied.

Only 1 coupon code can be applied per order.

For minimum purchase values to redeem a coupon or free product, the minimum must be the total value of products after discounts, not including postage costs.

No returns will be accepted for change of mind. The customer is liable for all shipping/postage costs for all orders where applicable and all returns. Please contact our online team for further details and enquiries.                            

Maresi Productions will not be held liable for any damages caused to any products during postal transit. The articles will need to be taken to the post office for assessment and a green form (PM26 form) needs to be completed for each damaged item. Refunds/replacements will be provided when a claim has been processed and approved by Australia Post. For queries regarding damages, please email

If a claim for a faulty item is required, please email details of the fault. Replacements or Refunds will only be accepted after proof of product fault is provided.

Postage: Orders for larger items, such as Black Grit 18kg, will automatically be cancelled if postage costs have not been covered when sending to QLD, NT, and WA areas.

Any items ordered with Pre-order items will be sent in one delivery once the pre-ordered items are in stock.

Orders are not accepted for items that are out of stock.

Free Shipping over $150 is only available on product purchases and does not include Subscriptions.

All Easy Hand Sprayers include a one-year warranty from the purchase date.


Online gift certificates/vouchers are redeemable only via the online store using the certificate code provided with the certificate/voucher when received via email by the recipient.


NO DISCOUNTS, COUPONS, SPECIALS, REWARDS CAN BE APPLIED TO AN ORDER ONCE IT HAS ALREADY BEEN PLACED. Please carefully review your order before finalising. All codes can be applied in the Shopping Cart Page.

Once a promotion/coupon has reached its expiration date, it cannot be redeemed under any circumstance.

Please carefully review promotion details for coupons/discounts to ensure your order is eligible to redeem the discount. 

Discount coupon codes do not apply to Double Deals or Pack Deals or Black Grit that are already discounted. Coupons may also not apply to the following; New Products, Packs or Already Discounted items/packs.

The discount percentage of coupon codes is calculated at the full dollar value of the product when applied to any item/s related to a promotion coupon code campaign and not calculated based on their discounted price.

For example:

When a 20% discount code is applied to a $90 item that is advertised at RRP, the discount amount will be -$18, so the final price is $72.00

When a 20% discount code is applied to a $90 item that is advertised on special at $80, the equation is $80 – 20% less the % discounted rate = $72.00

Coupon codes for VIP prices are also calculated at the full RRP. 


Earn 1 point for every $10 spent.

Products purchased using your earned points will be calculated at approximately 1 point for every $1 value of the product and only on products that are included in the rewards points program.

Eg: When a product’s full price purchase value is $25, the reward points needed to purchase that particular product is 25 points.

Products subject to discounted pricing will be subjected to discounted rewards points purchase value.

All rewards points earned will be based on the calculation spent for any particular item whether or not it is on sale or at full price at the time of the purchase. Not all products available online are included in the reward points program. Bulk Purchased items at wholsesale rates do not include rewards points

Please check all items for their reward points earnings and purchase value at the time of placing the order.

Read More on reward points system

No refund or credits will be accepted.

All customers are required to set up a free login account in order to accumulate and redeem their rewards points.

A maximum of 20 Points can be redeemed per order.

Redeem your rewards points at the shopping cart page in the coupon tab.

The rewards points are valued at $1 per point, and the full value of the dollar is applied to all items when advertised at their full price and not at their discounted price.

For example;

When 20 points are applied to a $90 item that is advertised at RRP, the discount amount will be -$20, so the final price is $70.00

But when that same item is advertised on special at $63, then the 20 points will be applied at the same relative % discount which that particular item is advertised for, in this case, the discount is 30%. So the equation is $63 - 14points =$49


Pickups are only available Monday – Friday between 9:30am-3pm. Booking in a Date and Time for a pickup is required and can be arranged via email or phone call. No pets are permitted on the premises. All Pickups should be collected within a week of placing the order. Any Pickups which have not been collected 4 weeks since placing the order are subject to be cancelled. Address for collection will be provided when booking in your pickup. Please contact our team for any further information regarding Pickups -

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