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  • Superfood ® Double Pack 500g Refill

Superfood ® Double Pack 500g Refill

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1 x 500g Superfood Fine (Quick Release)

1 x 500g Superfood Granular (Slow Release)


Unleash the Power of Nature for Unparalleled Plant Nutrition!

Say goodbye to rotted and infested crops, thanks to our revolutionary formula. Packed with beneficial microorganisms, and nutritionally beneficial minerals like magnesium, calcium, and nitrogen, our Superfood is a powerful tool for plant defense.

Powdery mildew, blight, fungus gnats, molds, and even root-destroying nematodes stand no chance against the plant-strengthening properties of Vasili's Plant Superfood. We've taken it a step further by enriching it with Black Grit, which harnesses the high chitin content to promote healthier, well-structured soil and biodiversity.

Scientific research has proven the remarkable benefits of chitin. It not only accelerates germination, growth, and seedling survival but also prevents root rot and reduces pathogenic fungi and nematodes in the soil. Additionally, it enhances the proliferation of legume-rhizobia, facilitating the capture of atmospheric nitrogen.

But that's not all - the presence of insect chitin triggers the activation of natural plant defenses, resulting in thicker stalks, stronger stems, and the production of natural toxins that deter sap and leaf-feeding insects.

With over 240 million colony-forming microbes per gram and 10+ trace elements, Vasili's Plant Superfood provides unparalleled support and acceleration for plant growth. Don't settle for average; empower your plants with the nourishment they deserve. Choose Vasili's Plant Superfood and witness the transformation in your garden.



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