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  • Worm Castings 10L

Worm Castings 10L

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Worm Castings or Worm Poo is the end product of composting and worm farming using various species of worms usually Reds, Tigers and Blue worms including other earthworms species. Worm Castings is the end-product of the breakdown of organic matter by compost worms. Worm Castings are packed with minerals that are essential for plant growth, such as concentrated nitrates, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and calcium and is arguably one of the world’s best organic soil amendments.

General Uses:
Worm Castings can be used liberally as a soil amendment and or soil conditioner throughout your gardens, vegetable gardens, in potted plants, flowering plants and around fruit trees. Blend with standard potting mixes to help retain moisture and improve the plant's resistance to disease and pest control. Use as a lawn feed and fertiliser at a rate of 20L per 1000sq meters annually. Use a handful around potted plants, annuals and vegies as a slow-release fertiliser.
Use up to 25% in potting soils and seed germination mixes. Place a couple of handfuls in a paint straining bag or an old pair of stockings and dilute in a bucket or rainwater for a quick-release fertiliser and or folio spray.



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