Eco Booch 5L (Label image coming soon)

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Frequently asked questions

Can I Mix Eco Booch And Liquid Gold Together?

Yes, Eco Booch and Liquid Gold can indeed be mixed. This combination is not only safe but recommended for enhancing plant health. The benefits include improved root growth, stronger microbial activity, and increased yield and health of flowers, leaves, stems, and trunks. This mix also contributes to healthier soil and potting mix, making it a powerful duo for
your gardening needs​​.

Is Eco Booch Sage For Organic Gardening?

Eco Booch is crafted as a bio stimulant from organic protein, broken down into peptides and amino acids, making it highly suitable for organic gardening practices. It stands out for offering significant advantages over traditional options like fish emulsion, including increased growth, yield, and flowering, as well as heightened resistance to abiotic stresses like drought and extreme temperatures​​.

is Eco Booch Suitable For All Types Of Plants?

Yes, Eco Booch is versatile and can be used across a wide range of plants. This includes vegetables, flowering plants, and fruiting crops. Its formulation supports better root growth, vibrant leaves, and healthier stems, making it suitable for enhancing the growth and health of various plant types​​​​.


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