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BioGraft Tape 30mm x 100mtr
Buddy Tape 50mm perforated x 60m ROLL
Buddy Tape per meter 50mm perforated
Buddy Tape per meter 70mm perforated
Butterfly Clips pk of 20
Duo Buoi Budding Knife 202P LH
Graft & Budding Knife

Graft & Budding Knife

$14.95 $22.99

Grafting Crown (Top) Grafting Tool
Grafting Mastic 200g Fonte Verde
Grafting Tool Italian

Grafting Tool Italian

$85.00 $117.95

Grafting Tool WellKut + Free Budding Tape
Growing & Grafting Fruit Trees Book
LOWE No1 Anvil Pruner

LOWE No1 Anvil Pruner

$78.95 $101.90

LOWE No11 Standard Bypass Pruner
LOWE No14 Compact Bypass Pruner
LOWE No5 Small Anvil Pruner
Mini Herb Shears

Mini Herb Shears

$5.95 $6.95

Plant Profiles Plant Your Success
Pocket Knife 70mm

Pocket Knife 70mm

$18.95 $24.99

Pouch Padded for Secateurs and Sharpener
Rubber Plant Lock Ties Large
Rubber Plant Lock Ties Medium
Rubber Plant Lock Ties Small
Secateurs Small Bypass Pruning Shear
Staples Suit Max Tapener Tool
Staples Suit Tapetool

Staples Suit Tapetool

$8.50 $9.95

Tapener Gun Tapetool Max HTR-R1 + free gloves
Tomato & Vine Clips pk of 20 Large
Tomato & Vine Clips pk of 20 small
Tree Stake Metal Galvanized
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